February 3rd, 2020

Hey guys hows it going? February is here! #BlackHistoryMonth..

Still bummed about the terrible news about Kobe. If you haven’t seen my tribute video, check it out:

So a couple of new things goin on.. First of all
New Video came out for ‘On the Road’

Check it out!

I’m working on a podcast, called ‘Stalling’ just aired my first episode here:

Shot at Two Brown Boys Bar in Boracay, Philippines

Me and Angelo Fabilane perform Open Mic Nights every Thursday at 2 Brown Boys Bar.. Most of the songs they play are on the spot without much practice! So there ends up being a lot of dry spots, banter, talking, etc.. Which is why this podcast is called stalling! We hope you enjoy these classic cover songs and the back and forth!

Coming soon: A Cover of “Lucy in the Sky” featuring an awesome artist Elyse Aeryn

Also featuring Jon Pilande on Piano and JJ Svagrik on Guitar

It will be on an EP called ‘Fold Records’ Sampler and it will feature a song by Angelo Fabilane called ‘Gamble’ and also a song by me called “Eyes of the Innocent”

That’s all I can think of for now, Keep updated and keep watching my videos!